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Smart Choices & Food Handlers Reimbursement Promo

Conditions Apply So Please Read Carefully

The Knox Employment Entry Program will pay for your 

Food Handlers Certificate or Smart Choices Certification! 

- Client must pay upfront (with their own money) for their Manitoba Food Handlers or Smart Choices Certificate.

- Client will be reimbursed for this expense provided they successfully attain the certificate and have been hired at a job that requires that certification. 

- They will be reimbursed once they have started their new job (must work 26 hours per week or more to be eligible).

- Client must register in the Knox Employment Entry Program (SIN required to register)

- Client must be willing to provide updates on their employment status for up to four months (note: out of respect to your privacy, we do not contact employer to confirm employment).

- This offer is subject to availability and an intake interview.

- Receipt must be provided in order to be reimbursed.

Maximum reimbursement

Smart Choices Certification: $50 maximum per client

Manitoba Food Handlers Certificate: maximum of $90 per client

Note: we are an Employment Program, you will be required to attend an Info Session taking place at Knox on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11am sharp. Click here for Info Session Details…

When you come to an Info Session, it is important that you mention you are looking to be reimbursed for your certification so we can ensure funds for this offer are still available at the time of your intake. 

Once we have been confirmation of employment of 26 hours per week or more and a receipt, you will be reimbursed by cheque. You can pick up the cheque once we contact you to inform you it is ready or we can mail it to you. If you do not have the money to front this expense, we may be able to work something out on a case by case basis if it means you securing employment.

Kindly note: we do not do Food Handler or Smart Choices Certification at our program, you will need to be certified by an accredited company. 

Final note to ensure clarity on this limited time offer: we do not just pay for people to have these certifications added to their resume. Clients must pay for certification up front out of their own pocket and will not be reimbursed until they have started work at their new job and provide us with a receipt.