Due to COVID 19, The KEE Program is closed until further notice.


Client Resource Page

We realize that attending any program that you may be given a lot of information and that some things may slip your mind. 

The purpose of this page is to serve as a resource so you can remember many of the tips shared at workshops and use this as needed to ensure you stay employed for the long run. Should you ever find yourself in need of a job, let this be your tool to find a new job now.

Please regularly refer to you How to Succeed in KEE Guidebook. Should you have misplaced your guidebook, contact your employment coach at KEE and they will email you a PDF version or arrange for you to pick up a copy at Knox.

For the video below on how to apply properly for a job, it's important to note that y​ou should always apply as per the directions of the employer's directions (apply online, in store, etc). With thousands of different employers in Winnipeg, there is no one way to properly apply for a job so you need to adapt to the situation as needed. The thing is, you want to stick out from the crowd and show the employer that you genuinely want the job. The video below shares some helpful ideas that you can work into your job search when appropriate. 

Very special thanks to Indeed &  Snagajob for use of the videos below! 

Resume Template & Keeping Track Of Your Job Search

It's important to follow-up with an employer to show them you genuinely want the job so keep track of where you applied with this great tracking sheet.

We also have a great resume template to download. Simply select the text and type in your information for all areas. Don't forget to edit the header on page two.

Searching for work during COVID-19

This video is lengthy but great for helping out in finding employment at this time. 

Job Searching Through the Corona Virus

There are still plenty of entry-level jobs available even during this Pandemic.

How to apply properly for a job

Using Indeed.ca

If you're looking for work, do yourself a favour and utilize this great free job search tool. 

Searching on Indeed.ca

Indeed is one of the greatest job search tools, learn how to create job alerts for free on this video.

Job Search Advice

What employers are looking for

How to find a job if you have no experience

How to stand out before the interview

Beware of Social Media!

How to give a great job interview

Great questions to ask the interviewer

Preparing for an interview

How to follow up after applying for a job

How to talk about employment gaps

Top 10 interview mistakes

Questions to avoid at an interview