Due to Covid 19 workshops & Info Sessions are cancelled. Please check back April 6th.

Updates For KEE Regarding COVID 19 Pandemic

The Knox Building is now closed to the public. Please do not send clients at this time to come in person. 

No new clients are being accepted at this time - this will change soon so please check back for updates. We anticipate updates the week of April 6th. 

Current clients are still being served. 

Although referrals are temporarily stopped, please check back as this page will be updated regularly. We are working on alternative ways for intake and how to proceed that is safe for all parties. 

Thanks for your continued support for our Program!  


Thanks for considering referring to KEE!

Who Can Refer To KEE?

Referrals for E&IA clients can only come from Manitoba Education & Training (111 Lombard Staff) and Jobs on Market.  Please send your client to PSU/ITES for approval.

Referrals must be work ready. It is not uncommon for clients to be working within a day or two of meeting with us so it's important that they can be contacted easily and are ready for this change in their lives. 

In order for us to help: 

– Clients must have a phone number they can be reached at directly (ideally with voicemail).   

- Having a resume and email access (that they check daily) is a bonus for quick placements. 

- The more flexible they are to work a wide variety of shifts, the easier it will be to help them get hired. 

- If your client has a criminal record, it is much harder for us to help them attain employment. We can only accept clients with "non-serious" charges like possession, domestic or driving charges.

- We are a fast program so clients be ready to start work quickly (average time before they are offered a job is two to three weeks)

- Clients must be willing and able to work no less than 30 hours per week to be eligible. If clients only want part-time work or have work permits that prevent them from working this amount of time, they would not be eligible.

- Clients must be willing to stick with the job for months to come to be eligible. If the client is just looking for something temporary or is known to quit jobs regularly, they would not be eligible for KEE.

If you feel like your client may be a good fit for quick employment, please Inform them to join us for an Applicant Information Session at 11 a.m. sharp on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (with the exception of Government observed holidays or notices posted on this website). Please ask them to arrive a few minutes early. If they are late, they will be asked to come back another time. It is highly recommended that the website is checked before coming to the info session to ensure there are no changes in the info session schedule (example: over Christmas Break or possible building closures). 

Clients do not need to contact us to say they are coming, they can just come to an info session of their (or your) choice. All in person meetings with clients after they attend an info session are by appointment only

Since we will be representing clients to employers, if we feel like we are unable to act confidently on their behalf, we reserve the right to only accept clients we can represent into the program. If a client sent to us shows no interest in taking our program or working for an employer we suggest, that’s up to them. We do not attempt to talk anyone into working with us or an employer as that has never worked out in the past and has only cost us valuable relationships with employers which in turn has cost many other clients employment opportunities with those employers. 

If you have a concern or complaint:

We always welcome open communication with E&IA Staff. Please feel free to contact us directly for updates or clarifications. Should there be any concerns about our program, employment sites or staff, we ask that E&IA staff please address us directly so we can sort things out and clarify or they are welcome to contact the Program Director,  Lesley Harrison  at 204/942-4579, email lharrison@knoxwinnipeg.ca or write c/o Knox United Church, 400 Edmonton St. Winnipeg, MB,  R3B 2M2 (this is also our mailing address)

Examples of entry level jobs we help people attain:

· Hotel (room attendants, counter, etc.)
· Restaurants (servers, cooks, dishwashers, etc.)
· Sales Associates (retail & telesales)
· Cashiers
· Warehouse/Production/Assembly Workers
· Commercial Cleaners/Janitorial Staff
· Food Counter Personnel
· Bakers
· General Labourers

· Class 1 Drivers (license needed)
· Help Desk Associates & More!

Please note - the above is not a menu of jobs that we have available. Job availability and types of jobs change constantly and in most cases are still subject to the client having a successful job interview. The employers we help find staff do the hiring, so the decision to hire a client is theirs to make.

Please note...

Due to Pandemic, referrals are currently not being accepted as we figure out how to proceed in a manner that is safe for all parties. 

If you have referred to KEE, you will receive a confirmation email from Lyle or Judy usually within one business day. If you have referred via the form below and did not receive a confirmation email, it is likely that the referral was not received. 

If you are having problems seeing or using the referral form...

We are aware there is a compatibility/firewall issue with some E&IA computers & our website. We apologize for this inconvenience and we are doing everything we can on our side to fix this issue. 

If you do not see referral form below - please check below the map for contact info & copy/paste referral information we require.  Referrals via email are always welcome!

We realize the large amount of work case workers are required to do and we apologize if this has added any frustration and/or extra work for you.  We appreciate your continued support of the KEE Program!

You can also try this new EIA referral form by clicking here

Are we the right program for your client?

KEE is a unique program because we not only put clients through a valuable series of work-related and job attaining workshops but actually place people in jobs (when jobs are available through our contacts). This means, however, that we are limited by the work requirements of our different employers. For example, if the job is physically demanding, we can only send people who are physically able to do that sort of work. 

The vast amount of employers we work with require clients to have a clean criminal record (depending on current available job openings, exceptions may be made for old DUI, possession or domestic charges). If you know of any employers that will hire people with criminal records, we would be grateful for the information so we can establish relationships with them so we can better serve clients with records. 

Clients must be willing to commit to the job for months to come and be willing to work 30 hours a week or more.

In efforts to maintain good relationships with employers so they keep hiring our clients, our clients must be reliable, be in touch and follow action plans in order to obtain a job placement through our program. 

Clients must be able to clearly communicate directly with employers, co-workers and customers in writing, over the phone and/or in person. We are looking for new employers that will hire clients with limited English skills, if you know of any, we would be grateful for their contact information so we can help serve this demographic looking for employment. English Level 6 is recommended however depending on opportunities available at that time, we may accept Level 5.

If clients have children, they require to have reliable child care in place.

Clients referred to KEE should not be dealing with any addiction issues that would affect their employment, and be physically and mentally healthy. If client is dealing with any of these issues, for our program to help them succeed, these issues must be under control and not affect them doing their job search, attending workshops on time or impact their performance on the work site when they are hired. Fortunately, there are other agencies who specialize in helping this demographic attain employment, we may be able to provide a referral should another program be a better fit.

*We will help your client the best that we can within the eligibility conditions*

KEE Program Brochure Download

Refer to KEE Form

KEE is not accepting referrals at this time - please check back! -------------- ITES & JOM CLIENT REFERRAL FORM - we apologize if the form below is not working. If you experience problems filling out this form, please see the section below the map on this page to email us a referral or you can try this new referral form https://keewinnipeg.com/refer

Please ensure client is ready for the program

Information Sessions are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11am sharp. If clients come late, they will be asked to join us another day.  Please ask them to come a few minutes early.

We encourage people to check our website before coming to ensure there are no closures that day (example: Christmas Break, Holidays, etc).

KEE is a small program with limited staff so outside of Information Session, we are by appointment only.

Mailing address: Knox Employment Entry Program

400 Edmonton Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2M2, Canada.

We are at the north side of Portage Place, across from Central Park at the corner of Edmonton & Qu’appelle in the Knox Church. Please go through the main doors of 406 Edmonton Street. When inside, enter the doors on the left.

If you are having problems accessing the form above, we apologize for the inconvenience! Please try using Google Chrome or refer via our mobile site with your smart phone (if this is permitted according to your policies and procedures) or you can do the following:

Please email lylebaraniuk@gmail.com and judyl.knox@gmail.com and copy/paste the info below filling in the details requested. 

Your name:

Your Email Address:

Worker department (example: Jobs On Market):

Name & case number of the client you are referring:

Are you as the referrer aware KEE is unable to accept anyone with fraud, terrorism, home invasion, robbery, sex, child related, theft over 5k or serious violent charges (or pending)?

Are you aware of KEE's criteria regarding our acceptance of clients with addiction, physical and/or mental health issues?

If this client was offered a job tomorrow, can you see them working three months from now? 

Is this client willing and able to work 30 hours or more per week? 

Does client have a secure place to live and ready to start work right away? 

Please note - referrals are currently not being accepted as we figure out how to proceed amidst the COVID Pandemic. Please check back!


No Abuse Policy

We are a small non-profit program that does our best to help clients, we also maintain a safe working environment. It is important to note that all areas of the Knox Employment Entry Program are no-abuse zones. Anyone who verbally abuses, threatens or expresses aggression or other behaviour to make any staff in the building, an employer or anyone related to the KEE Program (in person or by phone) uncomfortable or unsafe, their file with KEE will be closed permanently and that person will not be welcome in the building.